N.A.P in Chiang Mai

NAP ( nimmamhaemin art & design promenade ) is a very nice event every December in Chiang Mai, north Thailand, and this year it was the 12 of it kinds. Chiang Mai is well know for its wonderful handicraft og it’s harmonists design.

Chiang Mai have many good places for shopping, walking street, where the locals mounties people come down and sell there stuff to Kad suan kaew and airport plaza, which it the 2 biggest power shoppings center.

NAP gives a good change for the more modern artist to show what he or she can do. The market is always in the first week in December. In the art you will find a mix of etnisk Mon, Chinese and Thai.

After some good shopping, ore just a look, then Nimmamhaemin road haves a lot of good cafes and restaurants that offer you every thing from traditional Thai food, salat bars and pizza. We ended up in 8 inc pizza on soi 13, and we will be back for more 🙂







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