chiang mai

cooking class in Denmark



Now we are close to the time, where we will say good-by to Denmark. We will go back home to Chiang Mai earlier then planed – but we can look back to many very good and nice experience in Denmark this summer. Most of all we got some very good food..:)

We made 2 small Thai cooking classes, one in Copenhagen and one in Odense. both classes where held by our friends, and they invited some of their friends. Apple ( Patarathorn Hansen ) is truly fantastic person, and she just make the most fantastic Thai food. I think that many of us have tried to walk in to a Thai restaurant in a foreign country and really wondering why so many of them serve Chinese food, and call it thai food. no offense to Chinese food – it is also good, but it just ain’t the same.

Thai food is absolutely not easy to make. Anyone can walk in to a Asian shop and buy some red carry – but to make it taste like Thai food – you need to know the secret about what to add that ekstra, and when to add it!!! And it is those secrets that Apple just know so fantastic well 🙂

The first class where held in Copenhagen and I can say that all of the guest on that team, where use to have the real Thai food and have a high standard for quality food in general. And they just loved to make their own food and loved to get a bit behind the secrets of making Thai food – and they really had a lot of fun while they make it 🙂

We hope that in the future one of you good people out there want to learn to make Thai food and that Apple can teach you to do it. If you pass by Chiang Mai or other places in thailand and you want to have to access to the secrets 😉 or if we are passing by your country – just let us know if you would like to learn this delicious art…;)



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