chiang mai

Back in Chiang Mai

After a nice time in Denmark, special Wonderful Copenhagen, we are back in Chiang Mai. One of our plans for denmark was to realize some Thaicookning classes. First the idea was to make cooking class in a Danish ‘højskole’, but it shows up that we didn’t have the right contact to do so. So instead we did several cooking class for some of out good friends and family – which also gave us some very good experience and, of course, some fantastic time.

To travel in Denmark we found out that special one place touch our hearts and that is Copenhagen. It is also the only city in denmark that we can call a real city ( seen from international point of view ).

We choose to return back home to Chiang Mai 4 weeks before first planned, simply because it is to hard to live as guest for to long time, even it is with wonderful friends and family. And it is a wonderful feeling to be back in our own home – sit in our own sofa and look at our own TV 🙂

This time it is raining season in Chiang Mai, and it is just such a wonderful time. Everything is just as green as it is possible, and the clouds brings the most wonderful view over the mountains. To be back in the fitness center and have lunch in the Kad Suan Kaew food court again is just another winning part of being back…:)






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