chiang mai

Sahara in Chiang Mai

For a few night’s ago we decided that it was time to try something new! So instead of having dinner in one of the absolutely fantastic Thai food restaurants here in Chiang Mai, – we went to Sahara!

Sahara is located on 59/9 Nimmanhaemin Rd. in one of the big cafe and restaurant areas of Chiang Mai. And when we are talking about a nice cafe and restaurant area in a Thai city, then don’t expect a place where you can take a nice and quiet walk! it is a good mix of no walkway, trees, cars, motorbikes and often a lot of people – specially many younger Chiang Mai people and tourist from Bangkok love this area.

Many of the new generation in thailand like to have a international wind around them, just like most people in a big part of the world like it. And that also means that there is a marked for other kind of food then ‘only’ Thai food, and Sahara is one of those restaurants. they have 3 main menu, Western, Middle East and Thai.

We choose middle east food, and it was just good!! Fresh and tasty food, nice paintings on the wall, good service, and good old arab – persian music – just the right place to spend the night and to take a few drinks after the nice dinner…:)

We can recommend you all to try this restaurant next time you visits Chiang Mai…:)






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