chiang mai

Ta-lad in Chiang Mai


One thing that is very important for all Thai people, and for most other people, both travelers and residents are..Ta-lad Nad. Ta-lad is a place where you can get almost everything like food, snacks, clothing, electronics ( Chinese things cheap from the border to Myanmar ). Nad means something like a meeting point, and in this case the meeting is one time a week. Ta-Lad Nad is a market that is hold on a fix date or fix weekday.

So we are talking good old local markets when it is best! Many travelers often see the tourist markets like the “Night market” here in Chiang Mai, but often we only have to travel a short distance to see a much more local life. For Chiang Mai there is a very nice one every monday on Soi Chang-Kien. It is a side Soi to Huay Kaew Rd. Turn left just after Canal Rd and you are there – Almost there. In the first part of Huay Kaew Rd there is a Greenmarket every day, past that and continue until you see the famous “Chang-Kien Muay Thai boxing school” – and just after that – a heaven of local experience will open for you!! If you want to buy some thing is anogther part, but just to take a walk, feel the reel Chiang Mai coming to you, while you enjoy the big mix of Northern Thai People.

The place of marked is also a functional cremation yard! So it is there they have the big ceremony, for that area, when some one need to get cremation. So it is truly a multifunctional spot.

This time I did buy some thing, a pair of fancy rubber booths for 180 THB. I need them for my next Roundtour to the jungle of North Sumatra, indonesia. We did also buy some very nice sweets, Ka-nom Kai-nok-kra-ta ( small balls made basic of flour and sukker ) . They are just perfect with a cup of coffee after the market. 🙂

The best time of this market is just before sunset. The fresh wind will come from the mountains and when back to Huay Kaew Rd to get the local transportation Song Taew ( two benches ) then you have the chance to see a absolutely stunning sunset!

There is only one way – come to Chiang Mai soon and experience this wonderful city…:)








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