chiang mai

Best Thai food in Chiang Mai

Where to go for getting the absolutely most authentic local food when we go traveling ? That is often one the questions that we often get find the answer for. Many restaurants today just don’t make the food like the owners grandma use to do.

But today I wil say the we got a lunch that where very close to the fantastic food my Wife remembered her grandma made. This restaurant just make the traditionel Thai food so every different plate have a different explosion of super tasty rainbow variety of different herbs, spices and other good things 🙂

when they serve this art of food, they do it in the right way, many small plates, and it is just so tasty that you don’t want to eat it to fast. For drinks we took fresh coconut, then we hade dessert also 🙂

For the hole table full of fantastic food, to coconut and also one drinking water, we payed…..450 THB!!! It is just as cheap as it is fantastic good! We wil recommend all that visits Chiang Mai to come an enjoy the one absolute best traditional Thai food restaurants in Chiang Mai…:) The name is Hong Taew on Nimmanhemin Rd, close to Huay Kaew Rd. ENJOY 🙂 🙂 🙂






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