chiang mai

lazy days in paradise

Finally ! We got holliday and we both had time to get away from the smoke and noice in the city of Chiang Mai. The city is wonderfull in the winter time, but now we are in the warm season, and the nice cool city transform itself into an unplesant mixed of smoke and exstremely hot weather.

We called our driver and took off around one hour to Hang Dong area, and we checked us self in to the wonderfull place “Bella Villa”.  So lucky we where, the weather turned cooler, and we got rain – a lot of wonderful fresh rain.

We used the days to completly relax, and special after we had upgrad us self to deluxe room, ( cost around 300 THB ekstra!) then we just got the most wonderful view.

We can truly recomend Bella Ville to anybody that want to relaxe, to listent to wonderful birds singing in the morning..:)

One of the best thing we did in this holliday was to join Elephant trekking! They have no basket for the tourist to sit in, so the only way is the Mahut way 😀 😀 It was absolutly the best elephant experience ever…!  See the video from Elefant trekking here

Apple is relaxing...:D

Apple is relaxing…:D


Brian relaxing


Wonderful view…:)


Fantastic Thaifood…:P


Cute small elefants…:)


Wonderful view to hotel…


just nice….:)


Creative dekorations


Belle Villa


So fantastic Elephants…:)


there we go….:)


and we are ready…:)


Big wonderful hug from Elephant – the name is Pud Chan..:)


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