chiang mai

The summer of learning

This summer is different from all other summers we have been together. Maybe mostly because we are fare away, but that is not the first time we try that. The job of Brian is to travel, so…:) In the beginning around 9 years ago, when we first meet, then we both had the job in the same place, with only a few round tours. The last 4 summers we went together to enjoy Danmark, but this summer Apple went, together with a good friend, to a place south of Hua Hin to take 2 months Danish course. And that maybe one of the best investments we ever made 🙂 Apple is a very fast learning og clever women and she is really serious enjoying learning.

Brian Went to Danmark to do a few job in Europa and one in China, plus he want to try to find a base for A & B when moving to Danmark next year as our plan is. In Denmark he have also learned new things, like had first time boxing mach in Copenhagen.

While we are both learning something we are so much looking forward to be together again, and that will be home in Chiang Mai – and we will have about 2 months together before Brian go for work again 🙂 So good time to enjoy each other and good time to enjoy the very good city life of Chiang Mai….:) there are so many wonderful cafes, restaurants and shopping areas, and of course our good fitness also 🙂

We will be back in August …:)





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