chiang mai

Wonderful Rainy Chiang Mai

This is the time where more fresh weather come to Chiang Mai, even it can not really compare to the fantastic weather in December and January. But it is close and we do have days where temperature goes down to around 28 celcius and the wind is blowing cool and fresh from the mountains. I am sure that every one living close to any mountain can recognize this feeling 🙂

For us it is a very special time. Brian is back from Denmark and Apple is back from Danish school in the south, and we have around 2 months before the round tours start again. This year Brian got a job in a danish travel company’s office in Chiang Mai, so we have some kind of normal life for a while up where in Northern Thailand.

But the most special part right now for us is that next year, same time, we will live in Danmark, in either Holstebro or Odense. And our life here is be in our bag-bone as the place we had some of our wonderful times ever. The feeling make us very excited..:)

Anybody want to see some of our ideas for our life there, please visits (only in danish, sorry)

But before that we are fully enjoying all the good things that Chiang Mai have to offer, good food from all over the globe, shopping, good friends and we live with the a bit more negative things also, like poor air-quality inside the city, traffic-jam and slowly internet.

But still Chiang Mai have it fantastic charming way to keep its people. Like the Traffic police tuk-tuk we saw in front of our favorite shopping mall, Kad Suan Kaew. It is so charming and show just a bit of the big mountains of small experience we get in every day living in Chiang Mai.

We wish that all you will have time to come and experience Chiang Mai by your self. But remember to get your self in to a hotel in the western part of the city, it is the best way to avoid to get caught in the tourist area..:)

Have a wonderful time all of you …:)





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