chiang mai

Cool mountains and beautiful temples

We took a one day tour, that we arrange our self of-course. We took off from our home 06:30 AM and when to pick some good friends in the central part of Chiang Mai, and off we went to Doi Inthanon. Even this is not the most popular time of year to visits the highest spot in Thailand, most people prefers to go there in December or January, where the weather is nice cold and there is wonderful birds every where. But here in September where we still have the raining season, it is still a major experience to visit this wonderful spot where the magic inside the wooden tracks is just fantastic and must to do then in Chiang Mai.

After the highest spot in Thailand ( 2.556 meter ) we visits on of the many wonderful waterfalls – and this is for sure the right time of year to do that. The magic just keep going on….:)

Back in Chiang Mai we went to the very old and fascinating temple of meditation Wat Umong and we just get in to the right mood to visit Doi Suthep and the wonderful temple on the top with a stunning view of Chiang Mai city.

For 6 persons we pay only 500 Thb per person for transportation ( hole day ) and 330 Thb for tickets, so totally 830 Thb per person 🙂 it is around 27 USD per person…:) 🙂









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