The ultimative long term holliday…

On many of my tours around the world, i often get the question ” wich country do you like most” – it is a very difficult question, becouse every country have its owns positive qualities, its own sea of culture, History and ofcouse its own sea of life and unike experience that are ready for us to explorer. 

But if I have to make choice for an location where I would like to stay for a bit longer time, then it would be a location that means a lot for me and my wife, and that is our former home, Chiang Mai, Norththailand.

Chiang Mai it self have a lot to offer, both of history and culture but 100% also in a fantastic everyday life. For a good exsperince of Chiang Mai you should use around 30 days and take the first 4 days inside Chiang mai town for a starter, and then use 14 days in the beautiful mountainareas in Norththailand where both the fantastic nature and the fascinating mix of hilltribes will take your breath away.        

After that you are ready or around 12 days in Chiang Mai – and there is very important to stay in the westeren part of Chiang Mai to get away from the main tourist area that is located in the eastern part of town. 

Chaing Mai have cosy cafes, fantastic restuarants, good places for training and super shopping, and still you are close to the mountians and specially the early mornings and the evennigs have a special Chiang Mai feeling. 

If you miss the beach then i will recommend to have the last part of this holliday in Koh Chang – just take the plane to Bangkok, and then arrange a transport to Koh Chang

If you are interessted and want to know more, please feel free send send me a email: cultur@live.dk

We got a few, but good photes from the beautiful Norththailand here…… 







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