chiang mai

Mong Pearl – Your gateway to Northern Thailand

As many of you allready know,  NorthThailand, and specially Chiang Mai have a very important place in our hearths, and we will like to recommend you a visist to this wonderful place. 

As you arrive to Chiang Mai and you need to feel the way of northern Thai living, and one of the best places to start is on a cosy small cafe, where you very fast will feel like home and it can be your “homebase” for exploring the wonderful areas surrounding Chiang Mai. 

Mong Pearl Cafe started in 2004 and is owned Khun Pook there is a real Thai Power woman, one of the modern independet generation of woman that know how to stand up to the world – just like my wife..:) 

When you visist Mong Pearl Cafe, then you not only in the best part of Chiang Mai, for experience local life. You can also choose between a great menu of fantastic Thaifood, western food and fusion food, everything for good local price – plus the coffe ofcouse also is super good ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️😉

To visist Mong Pearl Cafe on Facebook  please click this link – and feel welcome to like it…..:) 

We have a small movie from the 08th anniversary of my wife and I …:)   Click here to see it on Youtube…

See you in Mong pearl, Chiang Mai……:) 





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