Tak Bat Devo Ceremony

Every year there is a period of 3 months where the monks can not move from temple to temple, but have to stay in one temple only. In the start of this period, we have the Khao Phansa Day and the date is following the lunar calendar.

So for us it was one of those days where we get up early and got a fantastic start of this Tak Bat Devo day (means “offering food to monk”). At 06:00 we were on our way to Chiang Mai university, where we chose to participate on the offerings. And Chiang Mai, in this time a year, offers us the most wonderful weather in early mornings.

Actually we started the evening before to get the dry food and fruits plus some soya milk that we chose to offer to the monks.

And it is a wonderful experience to sit on the bamboo mats, on the road, together with 100’s of people all to do the same thing. the ceremony started around 06:30 with readings from the Buddhist scripts over the speaker system and around 08:00 the monks came to receive the offerings.

The ceremony is rooted back to the story of Lord buddha coming back to earth and receive the offerings from the people. behind the monks, and there we got around 600 monks, then is a statue of Buddha wich also symbolize the gods Brahma and Indra.

After the ceremony, we got a super breakfast at Mong Pearl Cafe …:)  A wonderful start on a good day with wonderful friends…

We hope that you will enjoy some of the photos from this morning….:)

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