chiang mai

The big market & charming cafe

There are times where we just need some nice sweets together with a good strong coffee in nice surroundings. And when that time is close to Loy Kratong festival then there is no better place then Kad Luang (the big market) in Chiang Mai to buy the sweets. In the same time, it is a perfect option to see a lot of colorful lanterns and maybe get yourself a nice bag or some clothes.

After this very big market and with some nice Thai sweet in our new bag, then it is time to relax in a nice cafe. And we will very much recommend Thamel Coffee only 1 minutes walk from Kad Luang.

The caffee is located in an old woodenshop house, and to get up to the caffee on first floor, we first need to get inside the shop. At first look, we may think “there is no cafe in here” but when we walk up to stairs we are in for a fantastic surprise.

It looks fantastic with the fusion of Nepal and Southeast Asien art, and if you at this time also feel hungry, then they have very nice, fresh and tasty food.

We used a hole afternoon, and it was a very nice exsperince – Chiang Mai have so many different exsperince to offer and this is just one of many wonderful good ones….:) 🙂 ENJOY 🙂 🙂 🙂

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