chiang mai

Top of Thailand & Stone-age park

While we got visit from a good friend from Denmark, we chose to take a traditionel trip to the top of Thailand, Doi Inthanon. The top of Thailand is 2.556 meter, and it is a nice cool place to visit , special in vintertime.

So,as we use to, this tour star at 05.00 AM from Chiang Mai city, and with a short toiletstop, we arrived at Doi Inthanon af 07.00 AM, where the temperature was 09 celcius. the day before we got a some nice evening rain, and that gave the very nice effect, where the mountains where covered with clouds. I just love that view and for me, the weather dont have to be clear all the time 🙂

On the top of Doi Inthanon, there is a wonderful path, then will bring you true a fairy-tell fantastic natur, that most people wont connect to Thailand, not before they have been to Doi Inthanon. The place is also a paradis for birdwatchers and botanics.

After Doi Inthanon we drive down to the 2 wonderful Stupas, build by Royal ThaiAirforce for the King and Queen. It is also the best place to enjoy the view over the lowland. and further down the mountain we stopped at one of the royal projects, and beautiful place with fantastic fresh coffee.

Further down the mountain we make a stop by the beautiful waterfall, where they also serve a very nice lunch, specially if you like grilled pork, chicken, fish with sticky rice. It is very tasty and also very nice cheap.

Instead of driving back to Chiang Mai, we had decided that it was time for a visit to Ob Luang National park. This park is wellknown for have trace of stone-age settlements as old as 28.000 year.

From the waterfall it takes around 1 hours drive to Ob Luang, and the last part, where we follow the river Mae Chaem, is very beautiful

The national park itself is just fantastic. When arrive they have a small information about the hole story of the area. It is also a very good idea to take a good look of the rute that you soon will be walking. The rute is a nice small jungletrekking and it if not good for people with walking problems. but they can still enjoy the nice view of the river from the startpoint. On the rute there is a fantastic view point, and also some paintings dating back around 3.000 year.

You will be back in Chiang mai around 07.00 PM after a very wonderful hole day tour 🙂

If any questions about this tour, send us a mail 🙂


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