chiang mai

Hot Springs with Nature

Time to talk about another nice one day tour from Chiang Mai. We started this tour on a Sunday, so we could see the most lively part of San Kamphaeng Hotspring, and end on the fascinating Sunday walking street in Chiang Mai. This trip is pure wonderful nature and countryside after the Hotspring 🙂

But to start with the start, we left our home at 09.00, so good time for coffee and for enjoying the wonderful view from our home, the view over the northern valley of Chiang Mai. First stop was Bo Sang, the place of handicraft and the place of handmade umbrellas.

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There are many places and many kinds of handicraft in that area. But many of the places are where the staff get commission salary, and that is maybe not the best for a Sunday morning. The Umbrellas production give a good view of traditional handicraft, and the staff are super nice, plus you can get a very nice painting on your T-shirt, mobile-phone or anything  you bring along.


Further to the east is Sam Kamphaeng Hot-spring, a wonderful recreation spot for many Chiang Mai families, and also a reminder of the earthquake zones that is a part of the wonderful mountains of Northern Thailand. It is a good place to boil some egg, get your feet 100% warmed up in the very hot streams. IF you have time, then a good Thai massage is also a possibly. Just remember to remove all kind of gold or silver before entering the water – unless you want it all to be black.

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After a few nice eggs, we continued East, had lunch in a wonderful royal project, and from there around 40 minutes to Baan Mae kampong, where a cop of Coffee in “the Coffee house” is an absolute must. This village is around 1.300 above sea-level and it is just wonderful. And remember that it is only around 50 km East of Chiang Mai.

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Back in Chiang Mai town around late afternoon, just in time to take a walk on Sundays walking street 🙂 and good ending of a wonderful day 🙂 🙂 🙂



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