chiang mai

Hideaway in Bella Villa

Even the smog in North Thailand is less this year, then it is still wonderful nice to get out of town for a few days and enjoying the fresh wind in the mountains.

We went to Bella Villa for the first times for around 8 years ago, and from the first time, we really feel that this was a perfect place for relaxing.

We use to book our hotels when we go for a hideaway in Northern Thailand, and I will recommend this to all. For the rooms, then try to get one of them just over the swimming pool, even some of them a distance noise from the water pumps, they just have the best view.

One back side of this hotel is the food, it is ok, but not super good and a bit expensive. But very lucky there is a super good cafe, “Tha Chang Hill cafe“, just next to the entrance of the hotel, and they have booth good food for good price, wonderful view and good service also.

Bella Villa not only has a hotel building, but is also home for a small housing project, where it is possible to buy a very nice holiday home. This housing area is very nice for a evening walk. They also have some super good massage place, almost same price as in Chiang Mai city


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