From a very hot Songkran

Songkran is from Sanskrit and can be translated as “change” – and it is normal the time where we go from very hot weather to welcome the raining season, the time where temperature goes from around 40 Celcius ( 104 Fahrenheit ) and down to a more comfortable temperature.

Songkran is basic a Buddist day, where everybody have a chance to wash away bad luck by pouring on Buddha statues – it represents purification. The last part have now developed into the biggest water fight in the world.

Even it – or maybe because it is – a Buddhist day, then some readers around the world may think that this must be a very joyful time. and it is ….but as we know where ever that are many people, lot of hard alcohol, then there is also problems.

The numbers of women been sexual assaulted is very high in Songkran time. Police in Bangkok have tried to step up safety this year and have prior to the festival arrested over 20.000 people that the police say, is a repeater in assault and other crimes where they have easy targets in festival times.

But for most of the people, it is a big party, and a chance to get wet in the very very hot time.

We wish a very happy, safe and peaceful Songkran to all of you…..:) 🙂 🙂


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