chiang mai

What NOT to do in Chiang Mai

As we know Chiang Mai is a wonderful place, even the traffic jams can be hard  and the air is not always clean, then basic Chiang Mai is a very good place to visit.

After we have been living in Chiang Mai since 2006 we think that we got a pretty good idea of what to do in Chiang Mai, and we had a trust that products for tourist where ok.

So we when we got visit from family in Denmark we decided that now we had to try a river cruise – we never done that before in Chiang  Mai….

So off we went to book a cruise with Scorpion-tailed river-cruise. – and that is where we make our first really big misstake of any tours we have done in Norththailand.

When we got on the boat – after a lady was very busy to “hurry hurry” even we still got 5 minutes to departure time – then we meet the “localguide” and after working for around 17 years in the tourist industry then it really hurt to se a local guide without any skills in what tourist want  – I had never seen a so bad product…..!

After sailing 10 minutes, the boat stop and every body had to go in to visit a garden – from 1,5 hours “river cruise” only around 30 minutes where on sailing.

What every you do in Chiang Mai – I will recommend everybody to stay away from this company – they know that most people never come back and it is a kind of tourist product that is simply to low and it is almost a scam….

The localguide was so terrible that we jump of the boat ( they also stop to take more people on) when we got the chance and found a nice local place to have a ice cold beer ……we really needed that….



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